Anoushka Shankar

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    1. Opening, Flowering, Drinking 3.50

    Released: June 4, 2021
    ℗ 2021 Mercury KX, a division of Decca Music Group Limited


  • 14.05.2023
    Brighton, UK Concert Hall
  • 20.05.2023
    Los Angeles , USA Alex Theatre (Ravi Shankar's Concerto No 3)
  • 21.05.2023
    Los Angeles, USA Royce Hall (Ravi Shankar's Concerto No 3)
  • 14.06.2023
    Washington DC, USA The Kennedy Center (Jules Buckley and National Symphony Orchestra)


To read a list of Anoushka Shankar’s accomplishments is to read many life stories in one: masterful sitarist; film composer; impassioned activist; the youngest and first female recipient of a British House of Commons Shield; the first Indian musician to perform live or to serve as presenter at the Grammy® Award with seven nominations under her belt, and the first Indian woman to be nominated; one of the first five female composers to have been added onto the UK A-level music syllabus.

Immersed from a young age on the world stage, with over a quarter-century’s performing behind her, she is a singular, genre-defying artist across realms - classical and contemporary, acoustic and electronic.

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