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PRESS on Traveller:


“No one embodies the spirit of innovation and experimentation more evidently than Anoushka Shankar.”
– Nitin Sawhney

“Anoushka changed my life: now I have a different concept of [flamenco] music. When she played granaína, it was like hearing a flamenco singer, not a flamenco guitar: that’s the amazing thing. I think that guitar players are going to learn a lot from her. How she expresses the melodies makes me cry.”
– Javier Limon (‘Traveller’s producer)

“She’s making her own unique mark on the world”
– Harper’s Bazaar

“…her exquisite sitar playing… lives up to the virtuosity that made her the youngest woman ever nominated for a World Music Grammy.”
– Harper’s Bazaar

“Blending ragas with the intense rhythms of Andalusia, Shankar carves passages of rare beauty”
– Sunday Times

“… an infectiously heady blend of flamenco and classical Hindustani music (****)”
– BBC Music Magazine

“star performer”
– BBC Music Magazine

“… a spirited foray into Hispano-Indian fusion”
– Daily Telegraph

“… a brave and original set”
– Guardian

“it goes without saying that Anoushka Shankar is a virtuoso sitar player”
– Guardian

“… a mesmerising listening experience offering a rich concoction of exotic sounds and emotions”
– Folk Radio UK

“Her command of her instrument is always obvious, a level of skill that allows her to pursue this musical odyssey.”
– The Journal

“[Anoushka] is taking the instrument to a new level of accessibility with a fresh and original fusion sound rooted in strict indo-classical norms.”
– The Telegraph ‘Hot Ticket’

“Shankar’s playing displayed tremendous strength and ingenuity while she simultaneously led the ensemble from the centre position with aplomb.”
– The Scotsman ****

“Anoushka Shankar…is an innovative and creative musician in her own right, who has brought together an extraordinary selection of musicians in Traveller. She rightly sits centre stage, passionate, following her own heart and own influences, and delighting new and old audiences alike.”
– The Double Negative

“An exuberant recording which is one of the highlights of the year.”
– Songlines

“Shankar has an instinct for good entertainment and has gone for a show which privileges a high-octane pace”
– The Arts Desk

“…a meeting of Indian music and flamenco is terrific.”
– Evening Standard’s CD of the week 11th November 2011 *****


“Splendid … this sitar virtuoso is a very, very great musician”
– Lepost, France

“The result of this project is a musical delicatessen”
– Elle, Spain

“… a seduced audience, spellbound by the mood, catches itself dancing to the ever-lyrical beat.”
– New Europe Post


“Anoushka Shankar turns out a stunning maiden performance in Abu Dhabi… [it was] not a concert to be missed”
– Khaleej Times

“Her music was transporting, piercing the soul till the last drops of emotions were flowing through the body.”
– Khaleej Times

“…a not-to-be-missed evening of cutting edge musical discovery.”
– Abu Dhabi Festival

“Deeply rooted in Indian classical music, Anoushka Shankar is a unique artist with sensational talent and understanding of the great musical tradition of, not only India, but the world”
– Mrs. Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo, Founder and Artistic Director of the Abu Dhabi Festival


“[Traveller’s] hybridism feels as natural as conversation…”
– The New York Times

“Traveller is fraught with passions, worked over by sheer mastery and drowning in expansive grace. What a delightful treat!”
– World Music Central

“The most splendid track on Traveller is ‘Bhairavi,’… the comfort and ease by which she finds her bearing on this gorgeous ten-and-a-half minute song simply cannot be expressed in words.”
– Huffington Post

“The Wyly Theatre resonated…with the strains of two rich musical traditions intertwining in a labyrinth of sonic beauty generated by sitarist Anoushka Shankar and accompanists on Saturday night.”
– Theatre Jones.com

“The Indian and Spanish rhythms swung together easily… It was all a reminder of just how powerful Indian music can be”
– The Dallas Morning News

“…the musicians were magicians who mesmerized spectators with their heartfelt renditions, building an effortless bridge between classical Indian music and flamenco.”
– Lehigh Valley Music

“The talent of the individual performers was only second to the strength of the band together. Knowing each other so well, they were enjoying the show as much as the audience and this was reflected in their playful jamming; coming together wonderfully on woven crescendos, interspersed with impressive solos.”
– The Music Street Team

“Expect to be thoroughly intoxicated”
– Time Out New York

“Shankar’s decorative riffs are masterful and her compositions engaging”
– Star Ledger

“Traveller…blends spellbinding sitar with flamenco.”
– Dallas Observer

“The diverse palette of instrumentation used throughout Shankar’s performance and the combinations of musicians made way for a deeper sense of discovery.”
– Delaware Country News


“Boldly passionate flamenco notes with soul stirring Indian instrumentals add up to a deeply satisfying musical journey.”
– The Times of India

[Traveller] is not just a clever mixture, but a soulful blend! A phenomenon arising from some inner vision in someone’s mind!”
– The Hindu

“The fiery traditions of Spain will set ablaze the spiritual planes upon which Indian music resides, making for an intoxicating combination.”
– Deccan Chronicle

“The degree of confluence between the Flamenco artists and the Indian musical entourage on stage was breathtaking,”
– Highscore