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Pancham Se Gara

Yaman Manj

Rajya Kalyan


A Celebration of the Maestro’s Music by his Disciples
Ragas created by Pandit Ravi Shankar, played by his disciples as a gift for his eightieth birthday. Three CD’s – 28 tracks.

Composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar
Sitar: Anoushka Shankar – on all the tracks listed below (D=disc):

1 (D1). Gangeshwari
9 (D1). Rajya Kalyan
8 (D2). Yaman Manjh
9 (D2). Shailangi
3 (D3). Banjara
6 (D3). Pancham Se Gara
8 (D3). Swarna Jayanti
10 (D3). Palas Kafi with Barry Philips (cello)

CD available only from the Ravi Shankar Foundation