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Traveller Tour

Anoushka is currently touring her exciting new ‘Traveller’ material throughout Europe, and will then be taking the tour on to India and the US well into the new year. View Tour Dates >>

4 Responses to Traveller Tour

  1. Ishaan Shariff says:

    Amazing was at your concert last night and didn’t leave disappointed..some fantastic compositions mixing the best of both the cultures..

  2. Sumeet Iyer says:

    Absolutely loved your concert at UB City yesterday. Especially loved Raag Jog, The Traveller and the fourth composition you’ll played. Was a very spirited performance and wonderful mix of sounds. Had a great time. And tt clearly looked like you’ll were having a blast too. Thanks for the wonderful music. Looking forward to buying tha album.

  3. nisha iyer says:

    loved your concert in delhi..was waiting to listen you live since long and ofcorse you looked beautiful like always…and thank you greatly for one big reason..apart from listening you live also got to see your guru there….a long namaskaram to both of you.
    and lastly, loved the mridangam played by Pirashanna Thevarajah.

  4. Bharath Bhushan Lohray says:

    Saying that I loved the performance would be a gross understatement. The Raag Bhairavi and Raag Jog overwhelmed me. I could not find a compilation with the Raag Jog – http://tny.gs/HGKrpB was the closest I got but was not like the one you overwhelmed me with.

    I was hoping if you would sign my t-shirt, but was afraid to ask 🙂